Meet the Team

Working in conjunction with the charity Rox Music and Arts, we are a group of final year University of Chichester students studying the Event Management degree programme, hosting Rox in the Park presents… Mardi Gras.  Taking place on 16th April 2016 in Hotham Park, Bognor Regis, we aim for our event to be both inspirational and educational whilst raising money for this fantastic charity.

Meet The Team

(From L – R: John Kelly, Georgia Hockey, Ben Miles, Jess Marshall, Lois Baw, Charlotte Covey-Crump, Lilly Adams, Euan Braidwood)


Lois Baw – Lois joined the ROX team wanting to experience the role of Project Manager. She makes sure the team knows what they are doing throughout the event organising process, keeping schedules as well as ensuring the team is motivated at all times.

Jess Marshall – Jess is in charge of volunteers along with Euan, as well as helping co-ordinate design ideas for the event.

Euan Braidwood – Euan has a keen interest in health and safety and crowd management, which made him a natural selection for part of our event safety team.  Euan, along with John, is in charge of the safety aspect of our event.  It ranges from the health and safety requirements, risk assessments, medical cover and security staffing.  Working closely with his safety role, Euan is also part of the volunteer management team recruiting and looking after our important volunteers.

John Kelly – John joins the Rox team specialising in sponsorship, funding and assisting with health and safety aspects of the event.  John brings 12 years of experience working in the hospitality and leisure industry.

Lilly Adams – Lilly is a key part of our marketing and communications team, making sure that everything runs smoothly. Keeping tabs on all the team to make sure all questions are answered for the public and traders.

Charlotte Covey-Crump – Charlotte has a keen interest in getting involved with a number of different roles within the event team. In particular she will be part of the team that will be designing the event and ensuring it’s a memorable experience for the attendees. In addition to this, she will be helping out with acquiring sponsors and coordinating the volunteers.

Georgia Hockey – Georgia is working closely with the schools to engage the children with the event also she is in charge of sourcing local suppliers to provide a variety of different foods and entertainment to enhance the Mardi Gras theme of different cultures all coming together.

Ben Miles – Ben has experience in stage and live production management and has already worked on large outdoor events.  He will be mainly co-ordinating entertainment bookings and live production alongside trader and caterer bookings with Georgia.